mt. obsornaya, Arsenyev, Primorsky kray
«White Mountain»
ski resort
investment project proposal
Modernization project of ski resort based on existing ski-base «ArsGora»
The resort is located in Arsenyev city about 240 km from Vladivostok. "Arsgora" is the most promising attraction for ski tourism in the mainland of Russian Far East.
Ski season starts in December and lasts 4 month till late March. Over 15 000 visitors both amarteurs and professionals come to ArsGora annually.

The place is also popular for family vacation. There are snow tubing slopes for kids, easy slope for beginners and qualified ski instructors.

- 3 intermediate slopes 1800 m, 1900 m and 2000 m
- an easy slope 300 m for begginers
- 2 ski lifts (T-bar and rope tow)
- a tubing slope
- ski rental service
- a cafe
Modernization of ski slopes and lifts on Mt. Obzornaya
Reconstruction of Outdoor Sports Center "Salute"
Construction of accommodation and entertainment infrastructure
Construction of Far Eastern Museum of Aviation
Regional youth sports school
7 ski slopes of diffrent difficulaty levels with total area of more than 5 square km. Modern chairlifts with up to 5 m/s speed. The first high-end ski resort available from mailand of the Russian Far East.
Tourist flow: 200 000 visitors per year
Total cost: $10,400,000
Investment payback period: 8 years
The project includes
Construction of new ski slopes with the total area of 5667 square kilometers
Construction of modern snowing, illumination and safety systems
Construction of chairlifts with capacity of up to 2400 passengers per hour
Additional opportunities
«White cave» hotel
Construction of a hotel for 100 rooms with a swimming pool. Total area 5000 square m
Ski rental services
Establishing a modern ski-rental services center
Panoramic restaurant
Construction of a restaurant on the top of Mt. Obsornaya with panoramic view
Art workshops
Construction of training and leisure center for lecture and creative workshops
Tubing slopes
New tubing slopes for kids
High-speed bike trails
Asphalt road
Modernization of a road from the turn to Mt. Obsornaya to the summit
Hiking trails
Reconstruction of winter and outdoor sports centre "Salute"
Municipal institution of children health centre "Salute"
"Salute" is a recreational complex and sports grounds, where tourist tired of long slopes from "White Mountain", will find an enjoyable activity. The centre is located right at the bottom of a ski slope. Local relief fits perfect for construction of cross-country ski and biathlon trails.

Tourist flow: 120 visitors per year
Total cost: $5,360,000
Investment payback period: 5 years
The project includes
"Salute" reconstruction
Reconstruction of existing sports facilities
Biathlon trails
Construction of all-season ski and biathlon trails with a shooting range
Construction of stable for 10+ horses
Ice skating rink
Construction of an open-air skating rink
Construction of two-storey hotel "U Podnozhia"
Additional opportunities
«Salute» restaurant
Ski rental services
Establishing a modern ski-rental services center
Football ground
Seven reasons to become an investor
Guaranteed return on investments
Based on public-private partnership (PPP) principle
The largest ski-resort in Russian Far East
The only big modern and high-end ski resort in the mainland of Russian Far East
Preferential terms for land lease

Preferential terms for land lease without public auction

Opening of air-routes to Arsenyev ariport
A new runway was constructed in 2018 and local passenger airport in Arsenyev is planned to be opened
Low competition
Low competition and quality of hospitality and entertainment services
Consumer reorientation on Russian market
Growing affordability of Russian ski resorts for domestic and international tourists
Investment agency support
Administrative and legal support by Primorye Investment Agency
Assistance in project approval procedures
Assistance in land selection
Investment, legal and marketing consulting
Minimization of administrative barriers
Attraction of additional investments
Participation in exhibitions
Assistance in application for governmental supportAssistance in land selection

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